Less packaging, more food!

Less packaging, more food!

What have you done Itsu! Itsu makes pretty tasty food, although if you’ve ever visited or lived in Japan you might feel a bit let down by their offering, however this is another topic. Their crispy seaweed thins are very tasty, the sweet soy & sea salt variety even has a two star rating from Great Taste. So I bought a three pack for £2.20 in Sainsbury’s and gobbled through the first pack in a few minutes. That was 5 grams of seaweed in total. There’s a lot of packaging to go with that 5 grams. In fact the three-pack weighs in at 47grams. That’s 15 g of seaweed to 32g of packaging, so the food to packaging ratio = 15:32, or less than half as much food as plastic packaging!


In contrast my 400g pack of Digestive biscuits which took slightly longer to munch through has a 3g wrapper (see below), so 400:3 ratio, or 133g of biscuit per 1g of packaging. My Braeburn apple was 123g of food for 0g of packaging – I know, it’s a strange lunch.


Of course we like the convenience of wrapping and companies like the marketing – but alternatives exist, isn’t it about time we started being a bit more creative with how our food is packaged and sold?

The good news is that there are people and companies out there already taking steps to reduce the packaging to food ratio. Last month Budgens in Belsize Park announced that they had made more than 1800 of their products plastic free. Further back in time Unpackaged has been selling food in bulk without packaging since 2008.

Although it helps, we don’t have to wait for governments and companies to make dramatic changes. You can choose to buy food with good ratios or no packaging, and for me even though they are tasty that means no more Itsu crispy seaweed thins until their seaweed to plastic ratio improves.


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