Good food is one of the key foundations to good health. At Jez’s Kitchen I am committed to support you to be your most vital self. The services I offer include:

  • Holistic nutritional consultations, to help ensure you are eating the best food and in the right way to support your health
  • Cooking lessons, tailored to your tastes and health goals
  • Home cooked meals, including menu planning, and cooking for daily meals and events

I take the care to source fresh, natural ingredients and create nutritious meals that take into consideration personal needs. Meals that are in harmony with the earth and your body.

Whether you need a bespoke menu for performance sport, you and your family have specific dietary needs, or you may be recovering from illness I am here to help.
If you would like a holistic nutritional consultation, by working closely with you I will help you to understand more about your own unique needs and to develop a better awareness of the impact on different foods, with the goal of nourishing you in the best way and helping you thrive.

To book a food for health appointment please get in touch. The initial consultation lasts one hour and costs £50. These appointments can take place at your own home, place of work, or at the Highgate Health Centre.

T: 0208 144 1880