pizza plate

Tuna and Spinach Pizza

A slight twist on a traditional pizza, with a white sauce that combines perfectly with the tuna and spinach. Ingredients Pizza dough – 1/2 tsp dry active yeast – 2 tbsp olive oi – 1 1/4 cups of water – 1 tsp salt – 1/2 tsp sugar – 700g all […]

plate risotto

Spinach and courgette citrus risotto

A deliciously creamy and citrusy risotto that really is great comfort food and ideal for preparing in a large quantity if you’re entertaining. – 400g risotto rice – 1 onion, diced – 1 lemon – 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped – a glass of dry white wine – butter – […]

hake curry

Sri Lankan hake curry

Inspired by the Sri Lankan side of my roots this fish curry combines spicy, musky and tangy in coconut based sauce for a fresh tasty healthy dish. Ingredients (for 2) – 2 Hake fillets (or similar sustainably sourced, flaky white fish) – 1 can of coconut milk – 1 green […]

lamb plate

Lamb with sesame sauce

This dish is double fusion, East and West, savoury and sweet, with lamb cutlets in a spicy marinade and served with a leak and mushroom sesame sauce, strawberries and purple headed broccoli. Ingredients – Lamb cutlets – Purple headed broccoli – A small leak – 3 open head mushrooms – […]


Creamy mushroom curry with crunchy chickpeas

Mushrooms are a great source of protein with properties that help strengthen the immune system. Add in the antioxidant rich spinach with crunchy digestion-aiding chickpeas and you have a sumptuous, nutritious, nurturing dish. There’s a bit of ying and yang to this dish too with the mellow coconut milk contrasting […]


Cajun potato skins

Crispy potato skins with a cool spicy cajun dip, ideal for snacking or as a moreish starter. Ingredients: – 5 white potatoes – 1/2 a small green chili – half a teaspoon of celery salt – a pinch of black pepper – a pinch of salt – 300ml plain yoghurt […]