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gazpacho bowl


Ideal for refreshing and rehdyrating on a hot summer’s day, also the handfuls of ripe tomatoes which you’ll need will be in season. With this recipe, let the ingredients create the flavour. Pick ripe, organic vegetables and these flavours on their own will create a beautiful tasty Gazpacho. Ingredients – […]

eggy berry bread

Eggy berry bread

A lovely way to wake up in the morning – eggy bread with a burst or raspberries. Ingredients: – 1 thick (2.5cm) slice of wholemeal bread – 1 medium egg – pinch of nutmeg – pinch of cinnamon – 1/2 a banana – a small handful of raspberries – 20g […]

coco 2

Coconut lime ice cream

Fun to make and lovely to eat, this luxurious and refreshing coconut lime ice cream is a great match for these sunny days. Ingredients – 1 coconut – 1 can of coconut milk – 1 can of condensed milk – 1 lime – A handful of pistachio nuts First cut […]

raspberry ice cream

Blueberry & raspberry ice cream

Summer’s not completely complete without some refreshing ice-cream and some freshly harvested summer fruits, so how about combining the two to make this blueberry & raspberry ice cream treat. Ingredients – 200g raspberries – 150g blueberries – 50 pistachios, chopped – 300g Greek yoghurt – 2 tbsp coconut syrup – […]

ice cream

Going with the pho

One of the first things that I notice walking around Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam’s southern metropolis, is the constant stream of mopeds. We’re looking for a place to cross, but there doesn’t seem to be any traffic lights to interrupt the flow of bikes. So eventually, impatience takes over and […]

papaya salad1

Green papaya salad

If a ticket to Thailand’s a bit much at the moment, how about bringing a taste of Thailand to your home. Find some green papaya and give this crunchy crisp spicy salad a go. You could also replace the papaya with courgette and play around with different vegetables and fruit […]