Author: jez


Less packaging, more food!

What have you done Itsu! Itsu makes pretty tasty food, although if you’ve ever visited or lived in Japan you might feel a bit let down by their offering, however this is another topic. Their crispy seaweed thins are very tasty, the sweet soy & sea salt variety even has […]


Celery root soup

One of the funniest looking ingredients makes a delicately flavoured soup, combining the freshness of celery root with a hint of orange. Ingredients – 1 bulb of celery root – 1 leek – 1 onion, diced- 1 fennel bulb, chopped – 1 orange – a large pinch of salt Vegetable […]


From tectonic plates to bowls of granita

For my first meal in Catania, Sicily I head to Razmataz where I meet Stefania, a Catanese who has recommended the restaurant. The dishes change daily, and today she recommends the Cous Cous a l’Aeolian (the small volcanic archipelago just off the coast of Northern Sicily). Not usually a fan […]


Porcini mushroom risotto

If you’re fortunate to live in a place where these chunky mushrooms grow, you’ll be able to forage for some fresh mushrooms. The robust texture of these mushrooms and earthy flavour make this an ideal ingredient to base your risotto on. Ingredients – 4/5 fresh Porcini mushrooms – 20g of […]


Spinach and ricotta pasta

A lovely light and healthy pasta that can be enjoyed on its own or with sauce. Ingredients: Pasta – 1 cup of flour – 1/2 cup of semilina – 3 egg yokes, and one egg white – 2 tbsp of water Filling – 200g of ricotta – 75g of spinach […]