My passion and knowledge for cooking has developed from my love of traveling and eating. From street food in Nanjing, fine dining restaurants in Shanghai, Tokyo, Milan and Paris, food trucks in Manhattan, tapas bars in Madrid, kitchens in Sicily, to the shores of Devon, East London pop-ups, and cafes in Notting Hill, I have been studious in soaking (or munching) up a vast resource of flavours, ingredients and recipes.

I have studied cooking techniques and skills and learnt from some of the best chefs as well as friends around the world – my gratitude goes to them for sharing their kitchen skills and secrets. My inspiration comes from both traditional recipes passed down from family generation to generation and from modern innovation.

Just like myself, a product of Sri Lankan and English heritage, my cooking is often a fusion of cultures. Drawing on different cuisines, I like to come up with new combinations whilst keeping my deep commitment to health and nutrition, using natural ingredients, to create delicious meals that delight your senses and nourish your body.

I’m currently available for private functions, menu design, product development and cookery classes. If you like what you see here and would like me to cook for you please get in touch:

E: hi@jezskitchen.com

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